Rack Plating

Accent Plating recommends rack mounting when dealing with delicate larger parts, or unique shapes and designs. Group plating generally lowers your cost because you avoid the individual plating price and plus here at Accent Plating, we offer volume discounts. However, as we house multiple lines and have a large selection of in-house fixturing, we can accommodate your smaller delicate pieces – if that’s your preference.

Accent Plating’s trained experts ensure that our Rack Plating processes contact points maintain your product’s aesthetics and functionality. Our finishes include various shades from 14-24k in various thicknesses of Gold up to 100ml, Silver 10ml – 200 ml in thickness, as well as Oxidized finishes (ideal for weathered-looking pieces and jean rivets).

Accent Plating offers both Nickel and Nickel-Free plating – on-site.

  • Gold (14k, 18k and 24k)
  • Auruna Gold
  • Sterling Silver
  • Imitation Rhodium
  • Hemitite
  • Ruthenium
  • Gunmetal
  • Rhodium
  • Gold, Silver, Brass & Copper Ox
  • Gold & Matte Gold (14k, 18k and 24k)
  • Sterling & Matte Silver
  • Imitation & Matte Imitation Rhodium
  • Matte Hemitite
  • Matte Ruthenium
  • Matte Gunmetal
  • Gold & Silver Ox
Sterling Silver Rack Plating Gold Rack Plating Ruthenium Rack Plating
Ruthenium Rack Plating Rhodium Rack Plating Gold Rack Plating

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